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User Manegy
Size Glass 40 gallon Breeder
Date Started march 2012
Lighting 2-36in t5 daylight 22 watts each and 2-36in actinic t5 22 watts each on 12 hrs per day.
Equipment Emperor 400 filter on constantly HOT Magnum 250 for supplemental filtration and water polishing. cycles on 5 times a day to exchange water inside filter. 50 gallon per hour powerhead to sweep the bottom of the tank under a dead spot cycles on with HOT 250. 300 watt fluval mirror finished heater
CO2 Milwaukee regulator, 1.91bps
Substrate peat moss covered in playsand topped with black gravel
Parameters PH 7.5 Temperature 79dF NH2 <0.3 mg/L NH3+NH2 0mg/L GH 4d KH 1d
Fertilization Seachem Flourish liquid injected near bases of plants into substrate
Plants Anacharis, Microsorium pteropus(java fern), Annubis nana, Echinodorus amazonicus (amazon sword), Hygrophila difformis (water wisteria) and one plant from the LFS that remains unidentified sold as an assorted plant Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny).
Inhabitants 8 neon tetras, 8 serpae tetras, 5 red eye tetras, 1 dwarf powder blue gouramis, countless volunteer rams horn snails
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It looks really nice.
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Thank you Z71Kitty
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