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User roybot73
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started 2/22/08
Lighting 2 x Coralife Dual 18w t5, 72w ttl, 4 x 6700k
Equipment Filstar XP1, "PowerMen" brand ebay 13mm "lilly" pipes, 200w hydor inline heater
CO2 5# CO2 tank w/ JBJ regulator & bubble counter, AqMagic Drop Checker & Diffuser
Substrate ADA Aquasoil Amazonia II, ADA Powersand Special S, ADA Tourmaline BC
Parameters ph~5.5
Fertilization pfertz
Plants Dwarf Hairgrass, Blyxa Japonica, Anubias Barteri Nana, Didiplis Diandra, Ludwigia Arcuata, Ludwigia Repens, Sagitaria Subulata, Green Crypt Wenditii, Needle Leaf Java Fern, Lagarosiphon madagascariensis, Two Leafed Pearlweed, Hemianthus Micranthemoides
Inhabitants 10 Threadfin Rainbows, 3 Otocinclus, 10 Amano Shrimp
Comments Set up 2/22/08. Stay tuned:)
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The Circumloctioner
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Photos at one month of growth...
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Sweet tank, looks alot bigger than a 20. May i steal the layout idea for my 90 gallon project?
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