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User Jdiesels
Size 3 Gallon
Date Started
Lighting 24' 10K 24w T5ho bulb
Equipment Aqueon slim 75w heater and Aquaclear20
CO2 Liquid CO2
Substrate Black Flourite mixed with Fluval Stratum
Fertilization .5ML of Flourish and Flourish excell every other day
Plants Hygro Polysperma, Dwarf Sag, Broad Leaf Ludwigia, Dwarf Water Lettuce, Windelov and Needle Leaf Java Fern, Red Wedntii and Florida Sunset Crypts, Rotala Indica, Jungle Val, and some Ambulia in the corner
Inhabitants Snails (fish will be added when rescaped)
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Algae Grower
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Nice piece of wood and great placement. Great tank.
Planted Member
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Looking good jared.
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