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User hellpoolhall
Size 75 gallon with a 55 gallon refugium
Date Started Planted about a year ago, reugium setup within the last 3 weeks, today is 3/19
Lighting Quad T5 HO with nightime LEDs on the main, Simple T8 with aqueon colormax on the refugium
Equipment Odyssea T5 HO lighting system, Aqueon 300 watt heater, Basic Aqueon T8 light, Aquaclear 70 filter, Jabeo 800 gph pump, Custom DIY overflow and DIY dual spray bar. Custom built refugium with media out of a 55 gallon tank. Custom CO2 setup.
CO2 4 lb tank, soloneid operated dual guage, CO2 safe gang valve with working pressure guage on each output, and 5 nano diffusers (only one currently in use, still in the testing phase of this setup
Substrate approximately 50 lbs of standard small pea gravel mixed with 100 lbs of eco-complete
Parameters never checked anything other than pH, and it's consistently 7.6
Fertilization none
Plants water wisteria, various variegated, annubias, and swords. more to come
Inhabitants 6 Redtail Sharks, 1 African Ropefish, 4 Otocinclus, 1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco in the main tank. 12 Cherry Shrimp Fry, 1 Goldenwonder Killifish fry in the refugium.
Comments Still a work in progress, I'll update as I can remember
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Looks nice but we want a closer view of it. Please post a close up pic of this great tank.
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