plantman302 15 gallon acrylic - Your Tanks
User plantman302
Size 15 gallon acrylic
Date Started 1/15/08
Lighting 2x65 watt power compact 7100 k
CO2 pressurized co2,eheim diffuser
Substrate seachem flourite
Parameters ph 6.8,temp 76
Fertilization seachem k,seachem iron
Plants glossostigma,Eleocharis acicularis,Rotalla wallichii,Rotala roundifolia
Inhabitants cherry shrimp,longfin zebra danio
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gloss tank 002.jpg
Mark F.
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Nice landscaping choices - looks like a much larger tank than it actually is. Too bad the pics are kinda hazy.
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I kind of like the haziness, its like you are really swimming in the lake, river or what ever. Has a wild feel to it.
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