Amorakspirit 40 Breeder - Your Tanks
User Amorakspirit
Size 40 Breeder
Date Started 01/2008
Lighting Full spec strip
Equipment Pump (not a great one) Fogger Spray bottle :)
Substrate CoCo bedding/Small wood chips
Fertilization None
Plants not sure of the names....(not a great place that I purchased from not sure if names are correct) and also not compleately planted yet.
Inhabitants Betta (crowntail) Will be crested gecko and darts
Comments compleatly new at this.....
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Algae Grower
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its very new.. and not compleatly planted yet... Not a great time of year to start :)
Algae Grower
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Looks great, only negative thing to say is; don't mix crested geckos w/ dart frogs.... darts need very high humidity, while the crested's wouldn't like that as much. Also, The darts may get stressed from them.... The tanks design is nice though
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