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Size 160 gallons (600 litres)
Date Started 17th Feb 2008
Lighting Aqua One MG1500 - 3x150Watts MH (6000K) and 6 compact T5 tubes (6000K)
Equipment Heater - 2 x 300 Watts Eheim Jager 3609 Filter - Fluval fx5 cannister filter UV - Pond Master 18 Watts
CO2 compressed CO2 in 2.6L tank RedSea dual gauge regulator ADA Cabochon Ruby valve ADA Beetle bubble counter In-line UP Atomiser
Substrate 10 bags of Eco complete, 2 bags of Flora Base and 2 bags of white crushed marble
Parameters PH = 6.0; KH = 2 degrees; GH = 7 degrees; Amonia, Nitrite = 0; Nitrate = 5 ppm; Temp = 28.5 Deg C
Fertilization Seachem Flourish, Seachem Iron, Seachem Excel, Seachem Pottasium, Seachem Trace, KNO3, Seachem root tabs, JBL root tabs, Sera root tabs
Plants swords, christmans moss, Microsorum Pteropus "Windelov", Rotalla sp. Green, Crypt Balansae, Ludwigia Repens, Hygrophilla Angustifolia; Narrow Leaf Java fern, Blyxa Japonica; Red Tiger lotus
Inhabitants 4 discuss (snake skin), 3 SAE, 4 Bristle noses, 20 Cardinals, 20 Rummy noses
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Great Tank, i like it. Well done.
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very cool
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