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User kvntran
Size 50 gallon
Date Started 5/1/2007
Lighting Current USA 2x65W
Equipment AquaClear 110 hang on filter
CO2 Pressurized
Substrate Clay/Gravel
Parameters 74-76F, PH=6.7, KH=5.0, GH=9.0, CO2=30 ppm ???
Fertilization Seachem: Flourish, Excel, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Trace, Potassium, Iron.
Plants ALGAE, HC, Grass, Hygrophilia, Anubia, Moss, Fissidens, Pellia, Riccia, Sword, Baby Tear, Java Fern, Cryptocoryne Petchii...and more ALGAE!
Inhabitants 50 cherry shrimps. 10 amano shrimps. 10 crystal red shrimps. 20 neon tetras. 30 cardinal tetras. 5 glo-light tetras....and countless snails!
Comments Please see additional pictures and help me identify/kill the algae that drives me nut! Please note how small they are, the plant in the picture is HC. Thanks.
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i just had some of this, but it was because my co2 levels dropped. what i did was i removed it manually and upped the co2 levels, maybe you can find some info on it here http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/algae.htm
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Thank you. I think it's clado, I have less of them now, but they are quite stubborn especially when the get between moss and HC.
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Whatever the algae is,, Hair type though ,, I have to see it doesn't look all that bad amongst the plants in small doses..
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I have found that Tetra Algae Control works well on this type of algae and it's not too expensive. I had a breakout that kept coming back in my Java Fern. Just follow the directions exactly and make sure to do heavy water changes at the end of each dosing period. It takes a little while, and I would recommend a few additional doses even after all visible algae is gone. Mine was in a ten gallon tank and it took about a month to disapear, but I dosed for an additional week or so. I have also heard from a guy at work that turning the lights on and off in four hour increments will eliminate algae because they can not use the light properly, but I have never tried this method.
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very nice tank.... the algae does look like clado. i am deling with infestation right now. manual removal with toothbrush works well. plan to boost co2 in mine to get rid of it....
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I have the SAME type of algae, how did you get rid of it??
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