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User migs_hernan
Size 2.5 Gallon
Date Started March 18, 2013
Lighting Aqua Zonic 7w Universal Lamp
Equipment JEBO 501 Super Mini External FIlter Angel Drops Clarifier and Vita do help for good bacteria production and making my fishes healthy. I'm also using Sea Quest Chlorine/Chloramine Neutralizer to remove chlorine and harmful chemicals from the aquarium water.
CO2 API CO2 Booster - Liquid Carbon
Substrate 0.5kg of Garden Soil, 1kg of Bicol Sand and 0.75kg of Pure Black Sand.
Parameters N/A
Fertilization N/A
Plants Brazilian Micros Sword, Dwarf Hairgrass and Hygrophilia Tripartita.
Inhabitants 15 Red Cherry Shrimps, 2 nerite Snails and Few Ramshorn Snails.
Comments I'm just hoping for the dwarf hairgrass to spread out and make a nice carpet this tank.
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Mark F.
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Do please post updates when this grows out; it is a well-balanced 'scape, in terms of rock placement, etc.
Algae Grower
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Sure @Mark F. and thank you for the compliment... ^^,
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