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User blkrob
Size 72x24x18? 135 acrylic
Date Started idea 2 yrs ago. flooded mid January 08
Lighting ah supply 6x55w kit ge 9325 bulbs 7 hrs day
Equipment 2x rena xp3 2x visatherm heater 300w 2x hydor 300w inline
CO2 10 lb tank Rex grigg regulator and such Orlando inline reactor blacksunshine co2 drop checker ph controller
Substrate dusting of peat 2 bags flourite 100 lbs sms? Manzanita driftwood from Badcopnofishtank
Parameters ph 6.5 temp 84 gh 8.6 kh 80
Fertilization wonder grow root tabs, nothing else yet added K once and got green water
Plants was HC grown emersed. Green water wiped it out. Not sure on all the plants. swords, crypts, moss, ferns, hygos, stargrass. lilies and Anubis's. All plants from this site. plantbrain, mrkookm, jaidexl and a few others
Inhabitants 8 Discus,30 rummy nose tetra's, 2 emperor tetra's, 3 blue rams, 3 gold rams, 3 sae, 6 oto's, 3 cories and snails for now. Discus keep eating the shrimp!!!
Comments will add more as I advance. 80% of the tanks set up came from this site, along with a lot on knowledge. THANK YOU ALL!!!
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