SDCAquaman 20gal - Your Tanks
User SDCAquaman
Size 20gal
Date Started 2/24/2013
Lighting 2-Stark Led Flare 30watt Strip 6000k
Equipment Whisperfilter 20, whisperfilter 40
CO2 Pressurized CO2
Substrate Basic black and red gravel, might add in a bag of eco complete one of these days
Parameters Temp 78 degrees F PH 6.8
Fertilization Flourish Excel, API CO2 booster
Plants Tropical Hornwort, Anubias, Bacopa .....
Inhabitants 3 - Gold Apistogramma 1 - Golden Gourami 1- Pengiun tetra 3 - Zebra Loach 3 - German Blue Rams 5 - Euro Carninals 1- Asst Angels 1 - Golden Wonder Killifish 4- silver hachetfish 4 - Bubble bee Shrimp
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