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User brittie1
Size 90 Gallons
Date Started 15 February 2013
Lighting 48" T5 HO 6 X 54 watt bulbs
Equipment Rena Filstar, pressurized CO2, Hydor 300 watt in-line heater
CO2 Pressurized CO2
Substrate Eco Complete
Fertilization Yamato Green 1 X week, Seachem FE & K 1 X week
Plants Dwarf baby tears, Cuban ludwigia, Dwarf Saggitaria, Brazillian Pennywort, Cabomba Furcata, Telanthera, Amazon swords, a couple others I'm not sure about....
Comments This picture is at week 4. Will update as things get a little more established.
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week 4_small.jpg
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So beautiful <3 it
Algae Grower
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Nice tank!
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beautiful tank!! don't know how recent your pic is but its absolutely stunning, the reds really pop in there
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