ShannanD 36 Gallon - Your Tanks
User ShannanD
Size 36 Gallon
Date Started Dec 2012
Lighting Standard came with tank, t5 6500k 17w 24 inch
Equipment Fluval filter, adjustable heater
CO2 no
Substrate Miracle grow organice topped with flourite topped with gravel
Fertilization just fish poop
Plants Ludwigia Repens, Hygro Augustifolia, Bacopa Carolina, Anubias Augustifolia, Aponogeton or crinum?,Hornwort, moss ball, Echinodorus amazonicus,Egeria Densa, Hygrophilia Corymbosa siamensis and difformis, frogbit and duckweed, java fern normal and windelov, Rotala rotundifolia?, dwarf sagittaria,
Inhabitants Mix of Mollies, neon tetras, corys, diamond tetras
Comments Still new but love learning all about the plants and fish!
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