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User orlean11
Size 75
Date Started 05-01-12
Lighting 48" 2 bulb Zoo Med T-5 HO 9 Hr days 5000K zoo med Flora 8500K Glo
Equipment 2 air stones with whisper 20 Eheim 2236 small power prop current machine
CO2 DIY 1.75 glass wine bottle with 6 cups water, 3/4 cup sugar, and 1 tablespoon bakers yeast. with 750ml glass wine bottle water/gas filter with hose ran to the back of the power prop.
Substrate 90lbs medium to small live gravel with 10 lbs fine white sand mixed in.
Fertilization Flourish, iron, trace, and potassium. o-o-1 liquid fertilizer.
Plants Amazon Swords,krips, Chain Sword,
Inhabitants -2 white fin tetras -South american spotted puffer -Orange Gourami -2 x-ray tetras -Sword tail -6 Rasboras -khuli loach -3 BN Placo -5 Black Neons -2 Cherry Barbs -Emerald Cory Cat - 2 Leopard Cory cat Dalmatian Molly
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