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User Anthony
Size 40 gallons
Date Started March 2006
Lighting 196 watt Orbit Lunar pc. 9 hour photoperiod with 3 hour noon burst.
Equipment Filstar xp2, Filstar xp1, Hydor Inline Heater, Corallife 9 watt UV Sterilizer
CO2 5 lb. pressurized co2 cylinder, JBJ co2 regulator, Rhinox 5000 glass diffusor
Substrate 45 lbs. Flourite
Fertilization KNO3, K2PH04, K2S04, Kent R/O Right, Tropica Master Grow, Flourish Excel, Flourish Root Tabs,
Plants Marselia minuta, rotala indica, bacopa carolina, e. tenellus, narrow leaf java fern, anubias nana, cyrpt. blassi, blyxa auberti, nymphea lotus, christmas moss, p. fluitians
Inhabitants 6 ottos, 2 Flame Gouramis
Comments Since this pic I have removed the l. aromatica, and l. grandulosa.
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