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User mahoro
Size 34 Gallon Tall
Date Started 12-23-2007
Lighting Coralife T5 10k - 18watts X 1 Compact Fluorescent 10k - 65watts X1 Current moonlight
Equipment Ehiem Ecco 2234 Penguin power sponge pre-filter Visi-Therm stealth heater - 100w
CO2 Hagen natural plant system Diy co2
Substrate Aqua Soil - Amazonia II Bright Sand rip offs
Parameters N/A
Fertilization Seachem series
Inhabitants Neocaridina Heteropoda 'red' - 65+ Palaemonetes Paludosus - 30+ Caridina Multidentata - 10 Atyopsis Moluccensis - 4
Comments My first planted tank...
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great job with your first planted tank! youve created really good depth here, but i would recommend adding a black background (posterboard?) and concealing your hardware a little bit more, to add focus to the plants and hardscape. great job!
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