Ladykatze 26 Gallon Bowfront - Your Tanks
26 Bowfront.jpg
User Ladykatze
Size 26 Gallon Bowfront
Date Started 28 Jan 2008
Lighting 18", 15 W, Standard Flourescent Strip light w/ Hagan Aqua Glo Tube
Equipment Fluval 3+ filter 150W heater
CO2 None
Substrate Flourite
Fertilization Kent Freshwater Plant
Plants Java Fern Java Moss Bolbitis Anubias Nana Wendtii Crypt "Mystery Bulbs" Mopani Wood Log Driftwood
Inhabitants 4 Otos 2 Angels 3 Dalmatian mollies 7 Serpae Tetras 1 pleco 3 Peppered Corys
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