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User smalltank
Size 5 Gallons
Date Started December 26, 2007
Lighting One 10 Watt Fluorescent bulb
Equipment Marineland Hex kit: bio-wheel filter; no heater
CO2 None
Substrate Hagan aquarium gravel
Parameters Temp: 75 - 77 degrees GH: 120 KH: 180 pH7.5 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0
Fertilization Add a couple of drops of PlantGRO Iron/micronutrients once a week.
Plants Cryptocoryne wendtii, Cabomba caroliniana (Yellow Cabomba), Microsorum pteropus (Java Fern)
Inhabitants 1 male betta; 3 pond snails (introduced with the plants)
Comments 20% water change every two weeks JavaFern and Crypt are showing new growth, but the Cobomba is struggling.
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Mark F.
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Now THAT's the way to keep a betta (not in one of those horrible pint-size "betta bowls")! I've seen some people claim that the average life span of a betta is only a year, but you can get them to live at least three years in a better set-up like this. How has the cabomba fared since posting? It may want more light; if it doesn't make it, there's plenty of other hardier bushy plants to take its place (look through the plant profiles in this web site). I'm sure the betta, java ferns, and crypts will continue to fare well.
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