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User Rush3737
Size 75 Gallons
Date Started 2013-01-01
Lighting Home Depot Diamond Plate fixture with 2 48" 32-watt 6500k fluorescent bulbs. Sits 2" from top of tank.
Equipment Fluval 406 & 30g HOB filter.
CO2 Victor DS Reg, Skinner C Series Solenoid, Hoke Needle Valve, Bubble Counter, Ceramic Disc Diffuser & Drop Checker.
Substrate Safe T Sorb
Parameters *need*
Fertilization O+ tabs once a month. Dry ferts, Micro/Macro every other day, 50%WC on Sunday.
Plants Alternanthera reineckii Cabomba caroliniana Cabomba piauhyensis Ceratopteris thalictroides Echinodorus tenellus Heteranthera zosterifolia Hygrophila difformis Lilaeopsis novae zelandiae Limnophila aromatica Ludwigia repens Ludwigia repens Micranthemum micranthemoides Myriophyllum mattogrossense Najas guadalupensis Nymphaea zenkeri Pistia stratiotes Pogostemon erectus Rotala colorata Rotala indica Rotala wallichii Taxiphyllum alternans Taxiphyllum barbieri Taxiphyllum sp.
Inhabitants Koi Angel 9 Blue Tetras Spotted Raphael Catfish Red Tailed Shark
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