puma2007 12 gallons - Your Tanks
User puma2007
Size 12 gallons
Date Started sept 20, 2006
Lighting stock Eclipse lighting
Equipment Eclipse System 12
CO2 none
Substrate Eco-Complete and green gravel mix
Plants Java Fern, Tiger Lotus, Anubias Congenisis, Cryptocoryne Balansae and Crypt Wendtii.
Inhabitants 8 Preacox Rainbowfish and a lotta snails
Comments All fish in this tank was raised from eggs on the plants I received. So, this tank was really 'JUST ADD WATER', it was to be a theme tank with Tiger barbs, untill I discovered baby fry swimming on top after the tank was running for a month. Four fry grew up and they too spawned, so now I have 8 free fish.
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