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User MisoSama
Size 28 gal
Date Started Christmas of 2007
Lighting 65w 6500k full spectrum pc 2x 20w 2800k flourescent
Equipment Penguin Biowheel 150 gph modifications - No biowheel. Added bag of Ceramic disks wrapped in filter floss (i have real good flow with almost no water aggitation)
CO2 2x DIY 2liter bottles w/glass diffuser running into filter intake
Substrate 35 lbs ecocomplete 10 lbs black sand 10+ lbs 'cultured' plain gravel for more depth
Parameters N/A
Fertilization Flourish Excel, Iron, Trace, substrate tabs
Plants A. Barteri (wrinkled, nana, marbled, petite) Crinum Thaianum (water onion) Echinodorus Argentinensis Echinodorus Tenellus Eleocharis Parvula (dwarf hairgrass) Fissidens Fontanus ('pheonix moss') Ludwigia Repens Lysimachia Nummularia 'aurea' (creeping jenny) Marimo ball Marsilea quadrifolia (4 leaf clover) Microsorum Pteropus (Java fern') Tortula Ruralis ('star/cement moss???) two unknown
Inhabitants 7 Hyphessobrycon rosaceus (rosey white fin tetra) 1 Chaetostoma cf. thomasi (bulldog/rubbernose plecostomus) 4 Corydoras Aenus 3 Corydoras Paleatus 2 Corbicula fluminea (golden clams) 3 Atyopsis moluccensis (bamboo shrimp) 2 otocinclus
Comments I got this tank for xmas 2007 and had it almost fully planted two days later. The gf loved the hot pink glo danios so i Decided to have them as the main fish. They look super cool under the actinic lighting. ~any comments appreciated~
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I really like the style of your tank. It is simple, but pleasing to look at. A black background would really make this tank pop!!
Algae Grower
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Thanks! I have a mirror for a background, giving more depth to the tank. but i had to put cardboard behind it for taking the pictures.
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incredible work. why don't you put the thermometer in the back of the tank, though?
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This is gorgeous! I'm getting a tank for Christmas this year! yay Your aquascaping is beautiful. After weeks of planning, researching and imagining, I have a picture in my mind and it's a lot like your tank, so I was pretty psyched to find it!
Bubba Shrimp
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great tank!
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