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User Homer_Simpson
Size 5 Gallon
Date Started November 7 2007
Lighting 10 watt Coral Life Coralmax full spectrum Compact Fluorescent with 10 hour split photoperiod. Switched to 15 watt GE 6500 K Daylight Compact Fluoresecent on Jan 12 2008 for comparison and experimentation.
Equipment Aquaclear 150 with bag of Seachem matrix stone media, Seachem Purigen, and some floss media from the filter of an established tank.
CO2 None.
Substrate As per Tom Barr, thin layer of garden peat moss, Black Diamond Leonardite, mulm from an established tank and topped with Seachem Onyx Sand.
Parameters Not Tested
Fertilization Weekly: Pinch of Nitrates, Pinch of Phosphates, and Pinch of Seachem Equilibrium. 1/2 teaspoon weekly of Yamato Green Fertilizer. Also , daily dosing of Seachem Fluorish Excel.
Plants Aponogenton(?crispus?), java fern, pygmy chain sword, Cryptocorne Bronze Wenditti,Anubias ‘Congensis’,Anubias barteri v. ‘Nana’, and cardamine lyrata
Inhabitants Two Dwarf Aquatic Frogs, Two Amano Shrimp and One OttoCat.
Comments More Information on the evolution of this tank at: http://azdhan.googlepages.com/thelostworld2
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We have a 5gal Fluval Edge and wonder if your light would work for us. We can't see your light fixture in your picture.Can you post a pic showing the light fixture? Will it sit on a glass top? does it raise the temperature of the tank? jerry
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