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User Homer_Simpson
Size 3 Gallon Nano
Date Started November 10 2007
Lighting 10 Watt Coral Life ColoMax compact fluorescent
Equipment 2 Hagen Elite Mini Submersible Filters One with poly fibre, 2 seeded ceramic rings, seachem matrix stones, polyfibre, and sponge. The other containing some pantyhose to hold a teaspoon of Seachem Purigen and sponge.
CO2 None. This is a low tech, low light Tom Barr type tank.
Substrate Seachem Onyx Sand capped over leonardite, mulm, and peat moss.
Parameters Not Tested
Fertilization Weekly: Pinch of Nitrates, Seachem Equilibrium, Potassium, and Phosphates.
Plants Java Fern, Anubias Nana and Coffelia, and Bronze Cryptocorne. Dec 10 2007: Ambulia added.
Inhabitants 9 year old Peppered Cory Catfish Transferred from another tank, one White Cloud Minnow, and 1 Amano Shrimp
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