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User valsfreak
Size 55 reg.
Date Started jan. 5 2013
Lighting green element LEd 48" double bright 10k DIY dual 96w power compacts 10k
Equipment 250 watt heater, box filter
CO2 5lb comp. with aquatek regulator
Substrate pea gravel, flourite lookalike, pavers sand
Parameters 6.o ph
Fertilization flourish - excel, iron, trace, nitrogen, potassium
Plants corkscrew sagitaria, jungle valisneria, red ludwidgia, red melon sword, ocelot sword, green cryptocoryne, dwarf red melon sword, green bacopa, red tiger lilly, java moss, hygrophilia corymbosa 'kompakt', anubias barteri, anubias nana, dwarf hair grass, Alternanthera sp., rotala rotundifolia
Inhabitants 5 amanos, 1 spotted raphael catfish
Comments slight hair algae problem. hopefully the amanos will take care of it
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