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User Homer_Simpson
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started July 22 2007
Lighting Canopy from 20 gallon retrofitted with 2 18 inch undercabinet fluorescent fixtures with one 15 watt terrestial plant growth tube(Aoguang - dont't know much about specs for this as it came with one of the fixtures and I have not seen replacements matching that name) and one 15 watt Phillips Plant and Aquarium tube for a total of 30 watts. Photoperiod is: 10 Hours Noon Burst.
Equipment Aquaclear 200 containing, polyfibre, bag of purigen, and bag of ceramic rings/seachem matrix stones + 9 watt "AA" brand Ultraviolet Sterilizer with powerhead.
CO2 Do It Yourself C02 injection with 2 litre bottle and modified Hagen Elite underwater filter to act as a c02 diffuser/reactor.
Substrate Regular gravel mixed with fluorite and schultz aquatic soil.
Parameters Water Parameters: PH: 7.0, Temp: 26- 30 degrees celcius, Ammonia:0, Nitrites:0, Nitrates 20+ ppm, Phosphates: 5+ ppm, GH: 100 ppm, KH: 20 ppm
Fertilization Kent Pro Plant: 1/4 tsp Mon, Wed, and Fri. Seachem Iron: 1/4 tsp Mon, Wed, and Fri. 6 Ml of Tom Barr's Liquid EI Solution mixed as described on Tom Barr's Web Site and 1.25 Ml Seachem Fluorish Comprehensive after 50% weekly water. Switched To Estimative Index Feb 4 2008 for Experimental Reasons.
Plants Tiger Lotus(including some sprouting bulbs),rotala indica, anubias, java fern, cryptocornes(wendtii and willisii), java moss, aponogenton(including some sprouting bulbs), egera densa, cardamine lyrata, and cladophora Aegagropila(moss balls).
Inhabitants 2 Marble Hatchets, Keyhole Cichlid, 3 Ottos, and an Amano Shrimp.
Comments More Details And Information Regarding the Progress Of This Tank Are Posted At; http://azdhan.googlepages.com/thelostworld
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That statue is awesome *___* Also the moss balls.
Taryn Nation
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thanks for the tips
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