Andrewtfw 54 Corner - Your Tanks
User Andrewtfw
Size 54 Corner
Date Started June, 2007
Lighting Coralife HQI Pendant, 150w 6500K
Equipment Fluval 404, Stealth heater, Hydor Koralia #1
CO2 5lb tank, Blueline regulator, Aquabotanic reactor
Substrate 100% Flourite
Fertilization Seachem Excel, Potassium, Iron
Inhabitants 12 ottos, 1 SAE, 1 Peach spot pleco, 1 Queen Arabesque Pleco, 1 Pittbull Pleco, 1 Yo-Yo Loach
Comments The photo of the 54c is of the tank when first set up with HQI back in June. Since that time, all plants have been changed.
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