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User yakfisher
Size 34 Gallon
Date Started 2012
Lighting 1 x 39w T8
Equipment Jebao 750lph canister , internal Heater
CO2 DIY Soda Bottle. Glass/ceramic diffuser
Substrate washed pool filter gravel, 2mm gravel
Parameters 26 deg C, ph 7 rainwater only.
Fertilization Weekly API Leaf Zone, Weekly Kent Marine Pro Plant
Plants Anubius Coffealis, Java Fern, Hygrophila salicifolia, Lillaeopsis, Cryptocoryne wendtii 'red', Java moss, Hemigraphis repanda,
Inhabitants An angel fish, 3 x mollies, Bristlenose catfish, one male betta, 2 x golden sucking catfish
Comments My first planted tank. I'll redo this once my 5 footer is finished!
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Your angelfish and your male betta don't have a problem with each other?
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