SacredSlang 55 Gallon - Your Tanks
User SacredSlang
Size 55 Gallon
Date Started 2012 sometime
Lighting Current USA Nova Extreme T5 X2 Freshwater Aquarium Lighting Fixture, 2X54 Watt, 48 inch 1129
Equipment Odyssea CFS500 Canister Filter
CO2 Pressurized, 2-3 BPM
Substrate Eco-Complete, black
Parameters idk
Fertilization Liquid, Flourish Excel
Plants Red Root Floater, Rotala Indica, Red Tiger Lily, Marimo Moss Balls, Echinodorus "Ozelot" Swords, some other unidentified swords, some sort of grass, Flame Moss, Vallisneria Spiralis
Inhabitants 3x glass cats, 10x neons, 1x black skirt tetra, 2x x-ray tetras, 1x very lonely celestial danio, 3x orange zebra danios, 1x harlequin rasbora, 3x silver hatchets, 2x pearl gouramis, 1x large zebra nerite snail, 2x assassin snails
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