lil_delta 20 Gallon Long - Your Tanks
User lil_delta
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started February 2013
Lighting Kessil A150 Amazon Sun
Equipment Fluval 205, Whisper Air Pump,
CO2 Milwaukee MA957, 5# tank, MA Glass/Ceramic diffuser
Substrate MIX: Flourite, Red clay, Miracle Grow Organic Soil, Laterite clay, Aquarium sand
Plants Dwarf Baby Tears, Micro Sword, Glossostigma, Red Ruebon Sword, Star Grass*, Amazon Sword, Anachris*, Anubis*, misc*
Inhabitants 10x Guppy, 6x Glow Light Tetras, 2x Galaxy Rasbora, 2x Gertrudae Rainbows, 2x Scarlet Badis, 2x Mosquito Rasbora, 1x Dwarf Cary Cat, 3x Ghost Shrimp, 1x Blue Mystery Snail, 1x Assassin Snail
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