lil_delta 6 Gal - Your Tanks
User lil_delta
Size 6 Gal
Date Started February 2013
Lighting Ecoxotic Panorama Module Freshwater LED Kit
Equipment Fluval Edge Stock
CO2 Milwaukee MA957 reg w/ 5# tank
Substrate Red Clay, Miracle Grow Organic Soil, Laterite Clay
Plants Banana Plant, Dwarf Baby Tears, Water Sprite, Wendtii*
Inhabitants Betta aka Pheonix
Profile Views 236
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Hi Lil Delta, I like the look of your tank. I really like the edge - its size is just right. Do you have any update pictures? I'm just setting up my fluval edge as planted tank. I've had 200L planted tank in the past (Dennerle), but it was a fulltime job! How is the edge filter working? I'm thinking of fitting a TCM V2 100 nano so I can keep more fish. Any thoughts?
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