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User waterfaller1
Size 20 gal long
Date Started 4/27/08
Lighting 2 X 18 wt T-5 Coralife 2 X 24 wt T-5 Nova Extreme 8 hours
Equipment Eheim 2234 Stealth heater
CO2 Ultimate CO2 with PH controller from Green Leaf Aquariums drop checker
Substrate ADA Amazonia ADA Brite sand Estes white sand
Parameters PH 6.5
Fertilization N,P,K & CSM&B
Plants cyperus helferi lobelia cardinalis mini pelia potamogeton gayi fissidens fontanus flame moss limnophylia aromatica dwarf hairgrass rotala wallichii rotala indica rotala macranda rotala verticillaris rotala nanjenshan rotala rotundifolia[colorata] alternanthera reinecki cabomba furcatus mayaca fluviatilis downoi mini rotala II
Inhabitants 4 corydoras habrosus 4 red axelrodi rasbora 6 blue axelrodi rasboras 9 psuedomogil gertrudae 2 green lace shrimp 3 kuhli loaches 2 hara jerdoni CRS red/wht & blk/wht blue pearl shrimp amano shrimp olive nerites red ramshorn
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Algae Grower
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love your tank and the ecocomplete.cant wait to have a tank like your's.keep it up!allwet....
Algae Grower
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That's a sweet tank! Now I know the right lighting to get for mine. =)
Wannabe Guru
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I really like the way you placed your drift wood. Great set up!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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This is great! it looks like forest with a river down the middle.
Taryn Nation
Algae Grower
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I really love this how long did it take
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