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User sick lid
Size 180g
Date Started 10/2007
Lighting 8x40watt t-12, on 3 separate timers.
Equipment Fluval FX-5, Rena 300w heater.
CO2 Only in my beer.
Substrate Vermiculite, 3-5mm gravel, topped with Home Depot play-sand.
Parameters 78f, ph7.1, hardness, etc couldn't tell you. WC 25% weekly.
Fertilization None... other than fish poo....
Plants Java moss, java fern, anubias, tiger lotus, some grass I forget, wisteria, other stem plants I forget.
Inhabitants 1 ABN, 1 common plec, 9 boesmani rainbows, 2 sae, 6 corydoras sterbai, 2 bengal loaches, 12 congo tetras (of which only 2 turned out to be male) 25 otos, 25 amano shrimp.
Comments Replaced outlet on FX-5 with pvc spraybar at bottom of tank. Wanted a low tech, low maintenance tank. Plumbed for water changes. Built into wall dividing Master Bedroom from home office. Keeps me up at night staring at it.
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WOW, I realllly like this tank, very eye catching. the only thing I would suggest is to move the plant in the far left into the aquarium more, maybe cut it down some and use it as a fore ground and move your red plant over and make that the left side, kinda exstend it over to make it the left...the grass just looks to dull over there. imo...But it does look great
sick lid
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Thanks! I agree with the grass. One area I'm unhappy with. Poor choice, but part of the learning curve. Growth in the right half has filled in nicely since these pics, I'll post more after I address the left side. I need to uncover the driftwood stump the is hidden on the left. Anyone know how to propogate tiger lily?
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Awesome job- very encouraging to me that you've gotten such beautiful plant growth with low tech!
sick lid
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OK, new pics up. Pruned and some re-scaping. How do you like me now?
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