InvisibleRain 20 Gallon - Your Tanks
User InvisibleRain
Size 20 Gallon
Date Started May, 2012
Lighting Unknown, single bulb florescent
Equipment Under-gravel Filter, Tetra Whisper Power Filter, Fluval Heater
CO2 None
Substrate Aquarium Gravel
Parameters pH: 7.3 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: Fluctuates gH and kH are both relatively high (from a previous attempt to save a snail)
Fertilization None
Plants Crypts have taken over
Inhabitants 1 Juvinile Black Ghost Knife Several Oto Cats 1 Adult female guppie and her multiple broods
Comments Black Ghost Knife is living here until I get his new tank set up :)
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