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User pcgibson
Size 30 gallon cube
Date Started 2006
Lighting 40 Watt pc 28 Watt T5
Equipment Eheim classic 2215
Substrate Onyx sand with peat moss on the bottom
Parameters N/A
Fertilization None
Plants Gaint baby tears,cryptcoryne parva,cryptcorny petchii,cryptcoryne walkeri lutea,Ludwigia brevipes,Echinodorus ozelot,Java fern,Egeria densa, Nymphaea pubesscens,Rotala, Java moss,Vallisneria, Anubia Barteri,Anubia minima, Cabomba caroliniana, Dwarf hair grass
Inhabitants German blue ram pair , 5 Neon tetras, 2 Red rummy nose terta 2 wip tail cats, 4 panda corys, 10 cherry shirmp, 6 Amono shrimp.
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nice tank!!!!!!love the drift wood....very healthy and clean
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