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Size 29 Gallons
Date Started jan 21, 2008
Lighting 2 x Phillips 6500 twister CFLs 27 Watts 1 x Globe 23 watt cool white bulb custom made fixture (still needs to be veneered)
Equipment Filstar XP-1
CO2 DIY co2 fed in canister intake
Substrate Black Flourite
Fertilization kNO3 - 1/4tsp; KH2PO4 - 1/16tsp; K2SO4 - 1/8tsp 3 times a week; ---- CSM+B - 5ml Excel - 1 capful 3 times a week ---- 50% change weekly, filter cleaning biweekly
Plants not sure of them yet.
Inhabitants 15 black phantom tetra; 5 Dwarf otocinclus; 4 Zebra Danio; 3 Peppered Cory Dora; 2 Caridina japonica (2 more MIA);
Comments after going on vacation, person feeding fish missed a few days and dumped days worth of food in the tank to hide the fact. despite me saying to throw out the food they miss feeding, as they were in pill boxes to make it 'fool proof.' gave up, let tank overgrow for well over 6 months.
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this is perfect
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