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User critter333294
Size 29 Gallons
Date Started December 25th, 2007
Lighting Coralife Aqualight 1x65 watt PC
Equipment Rena FilStar XP2
CO2 DIY CO2: Two 2 liter juice bottles
Substrate Eco Complete
Fertilization None right now, will start EI dosing as soon as ferts come in.
Plants Java Fern Rotala rotundifolia Ludwigia repens Ludwigia glandulosa Bacopa monnieri Echinodorus parvulus Cabomba caroliniana Cryptocoryne wendtii
Inhabitants 3 Glowlight Tetras 4 Bronze Cories 2 Mystery Snails
Comments My first planted tank!
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Algae Grower
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loving the piece of wood, i think some more dimension in the back would be nice though
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good start. keep an eye on those [censored] mystery snails tho.
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