pelicanincident 20 gallons - Your Tanks
User pelicanincident
Size 20 gallons
Date Started 2/24/2013
Lighting Aqueon 24" Module LED Fixture w/ 2 Day White and 1 Colormax LED strips.
Equipment Aquaclear 50 Filtration
CO2 DIY Yeast Reactor with Nutrafin CO2 Ladder
Substrate Flourite
Fertilization Seachem Flourish Comprehensive, Excel
Plants Anubius barteri, Anubias congensis, Banana Plant, Ludwiga repens, Italian Val, Java Moss, Amazon Sword, Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden', Aponogeton ulvaceus, Hygrophyla angustifolia.
Inhabitants Flame Gourami, Gold Ram, 12 Bloodfin Tetras, 2 Nerite Snails.
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