BassMiesterNJ 20H - Your Tanks
User BassMiesterNJ
Size 20H
Date Started Jan 2, 2008
Lighting Glo T5HO 2x24w suspended from ceiling
Equipment Fluval 205
CO2 DIY 2L, Coralife Limewood Airstone
Substrate Flourite Dark
Parameters PH 6.8, KH 6.0
Fertilization Excel, Flourish, Flourish Potassium, Flourish Tabs
Plants Java Fern, HC, Wisteria, Micro Sword, others
Inhabitants 7 White Clouds, 6 Black Neon, Gold Algae Eater, 3 Glass Shrimp
Comments Cycled with Bio Spira
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I really like this tank :). I think a little more foreground cover would go a long way
Algae Grower
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Thanks. The foreground HC and Micro Sword are are starting to spread. I'm going pressurized soon and will update as things fill in.
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