zarich 7.5 rimless - Your Tanks
User zarich
Size 7.5 rimless
Date Started January 2012
Lighting 2x Cheapo LED
Equipment Cascade 300 internal. Cheap 50w HOB heater.
CO2 None
Substrate Pool Filter Sand
Parameters 0,0,0
Fertilization None
Plants Petco Bulb Pack: Water onion Aponogeton Lily Guppy Moss A couple of other things I just liked the look of.
Inhabitants 4 endlers 1 nerite RCS
Comments Apogenta propagated itself.. I started with two, now have 5 and still have to regularly remove seedlings.
Profile Views 326
Algae Grower
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Nice and clean. I like the color of the sand. I love the tank.
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