morgansolutions 9 UK Gallon - Your Tanks
User morgansolutions
Size 9 UK Gallon
Date Started December 2007
Lighting Built in flouresent tube - 30W
Equipment Built in filter - just carbon pad. TetraTec internal filter for biological and mechanical filtration (including wool for quick removal of sand)
CO2 None
Substrate Sand
Parameters Brackish
Fertilization N/A
Plants Plastic Plants!!
Inhabitants 1 Puffer Fish
Comments This tank was originally a plush planted nano tank but algae took a hold pretty quickly so I scrapped all plants and decided to set it up for my puffer fish with sand as a substrate and a few slates from the local slate tip. The puffer seems pretty happy in there with not much to look but I may see if I can find some bogwood suitable for brackish water. The jar on the left of the tank is a 'Snail Hatchery' - special food the the puffer :)
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