morgansolutions 70 UK Gallon - Your Tanks
User morgansolutions
Size 70 UK Gallon
Date Started October 2007
Lighting 2x Full Spectrum 38W T8 Flourescent 2x Actinic 38W T8 Flourescent
Equipment 3x Fluval Filters, one with just activate carbon for quick removal if medication/treatment is required.
CO2 TetraPlant CO2-Optimat
Substrate TetraPlant Complete Substrate & 50Kg of gravel.
Fertilization None yet
Plants Too many to name - will update one I have a list
Inhabitants 2 x Hoplo Catfish 2 x Large Sailfin Plecs 2 x Tiger Barbs 2 x Polypterus 3 x Weather Loach 30 x Neon Tetra
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