cichlids4me Perfecto 75 Gallon - Your Tanks
User cichlids4me
Size Perfecto 75 Gallon
Date Started November 2007
Lighting 2X54 HO Hagen Glo T5 lighting 1.44 Watts/gal
Equipment Emperor 400 HOB Visitherm Stealth 250 watt heater
CO2 None
Substrate SMS Charcoal
Fertilization Excel once or twice a week
Plants Corkscrew Vals, Crypt. Red Wendtii, Ozelot Sword, Radican Sword, Anubias nana, Giant Baby Tears, Narrow leaf Micro Sword, Wisteria and a few Bananas
Inhabitants 3 Zebra Danios, 3 Emerald Green Cories, 8 Tiger Barbs, 4 Otos and Ramshorn, Spixi and Malaysian Snails
Comments Manzanita Driftwood
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