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User Psycofc1
Size 15g High
Date Started Mid Feb 2013
Lighting 2 x 20w T-8
Equipment Fluval C3, Aquaclear 20 powerhead, Aqueon 50w heater
Substrate FloraMax, aquarium sand
Fertilization Fish poop, Seachem Comp twice a week
Plants Alternanthera reineckii, Cabomba carolineana, Cryptocoryne wendtii, DHG,
Inhabitants 5 Zebra Danios, 5 Guppies, 3 Oto cat, Ghost shrimp,MTS, nerite snails, 2 green spotted corys
Comments Basic tank I decided to put together in my current apt. I am planning on moving soon so I didnt want anything too complicated but I needed something to start with when I set my 75 up after I move.
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