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User SouthernGorilla
Size 20 gal
Date Started 3/13
Lighting A single T-8 fluorescent; a clip-on, submersible LED bar up front; an LED "hood" on top.
Equipment Hagen AquaClear 30 powerhead with the optional micron filter. Planning a corner mat filter.
CO2 None planned.
Substrate Dollar store potting soil, red art clay, and play sand mixed together. Sand as a cap also. Terraced to give three levels.
Plants I forgot what we put in the tank. But there's barely room for the fish to swim.
Inhabitants 14 serpae tetras (13 bought plus a baby); 3 dalmation/black mollies (1 free stowaway, 1 bought, 1 baby; 4 cory cats; 1 clown loach; 1 yoyo loach;1 goldfish; 5 african glass catfish; 2 apple snails; 4 nerite snails; far too many pond snails; an undetermined number of ghost shrimp
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The terrace system collapsed rather quickly. Also, the clay I used to form the top wall dissolved when I added water. That made a huge mess in the tank.
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