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User Wooster
Size 150
Date Started 1/10-08
Lighting 2 x 3' Grolux soon to be updated. Darn why is there so much month left at the end of the money?
Equipment Two Emperor 400's and two large H5 sponges coming soon
CO2 Has not arrived yet. Looking for a 20lb cylinder and all attachments.
Substrate Soil Master Select. Approx 3" more to be added toward the back of the tank once the bogwood arrives
Parameters yes
Fertilization None yet empty tank watch this space
Plants Waiting for the weather to warm up before ordering
Inhabitants MT
Comments Picked up my baby 6' x 2' x 18" for $375 including stand filters heaters lights and some *plastic* rock, which probably will be given away as I don't like it.
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The possibilities are endless lol
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