sarahspins 55 gallons - Your Tanks
User sarahspins
Size 55 gallons
Date Started 9/15/12
Lighting 2 X 54w T5HO
Equipment Fluval 306, UP Aqua spraybar, 300w Hydor Inline heater, Koralia Nano
CO2 Aquatek Mini (paintball) with an UP Aqua inline diffuser, bubble count is 2/sec.
Substrate Eco complete capped with tahitian moon sand.
Fertilization Phertz NPK and micors 3x week
Plants Rotala Indicia, Ludwigia, pygmy chain swords, amazon swords, HM, anubias.
Inhabitants 2 Koi Angelfish, 4 Cherry Barbs (will be adding more), 15 Otocinclus, 2 L144 (blue eyed gold) pleco's.
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