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User chadly
Size 28 gal Bowfront
Date Started Sep. 2007
Lighting coralife T5 6700k & 10000K sunglow T12
Equipment Zoo Med 501 Canister filter Visitherm Delux 50w heater
CO2 Pressurized 20-25 bpm diffused in AC powerhead
Substrate Schultz Aquatic soil
Fertilization Flourish Excel 2-3ml/week Florish Comp. 5-6ml/week Pre mixed dry ferts - nit, phos, pot, plantex csm+b
Plants Limnophila Aromatica Blyxa japonica Glosso Anubias nana petite Anubias barteri Coffefolia Italian val Crypt wendtii brown/green Peacock moss Java moss Pelia (monoselenum tenerum) stargrass
Inhabitants 13 Glowlight tetras 1 gold guarami pair bolivian rams gold nugget pleco L136 pleco
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I really like this tank! Great job!
Planted Tank Obsessed
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whoa nice tank!
Planted Tank Guru
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Very nice scape!
Wannabe Guru
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Great looking tank.
Junior Member
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Blue Devereaux
Algae Grower
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Just terrific. Thanks for sharing!
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