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User slimy
Size 40 gallon (36 inches long)
Date Started Planted 12/13/2007
Lighting 2x32w compact fluorescent 6700k/10000k
Equipment Emperor 280. No carbon. 100gph powerhead for circulation 200gph powerhead for the reactor (and circulation)
CO2 DIY co2 (yeast) with DIY external reactor
Substrate Plain gravel and root tabs
Parameters PH 6.7, Temperature ~75F
Fertilization Following the Seachem chart, but without Excel. Daily dosing and 40% weekly water change.
Plants Amazon swords (bleheri), brazilian pennywort, mayaca fluvatilis, cabomba caroliana, cabomba furcata, alternanthera reineckii, ludwigia repens, dwarf sag, HC, african red lily, fissidens, fontanus
Inhabitants 10 pristella tetras 10 blue tetras 3 zebra danios 2 aeneus cory cats 2 sterbaii cory cats 3 otos uncounted ghost shrimp uncounted red ramshorn snails
Comments This is my first planted tank
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