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User footbeat
Size Perfecto 29 gallon
Date Started March 2004
Lighting Coralife 130 watt Aqualight Deluxe
Equipment Eheim 2213, ADA drop checker
CO2 Pressureized, 10lb. tank, Milwaukee regulator and controller
Substrate Eco Complete
Parameters N/P/K - 30/3/30 ppm, pH 6.3
Fertilization EI
Plants Alternanthera reineckii, Eliocharis accicularis, Hygrophilla difformis, Lobelia cardinalis, Microsorum pteropus, Riccia fluitans, Rotala rotundifolia, and a moss that was sold to me as Christmas moss
Inhabitants Platys - 4 adult, 2 juvenile, several fry; SAE - 4; Neon Tetras - 3; Corydoras aeneus - 2;
Comments This is my first real attempt at an aquascape. Although I set up the tank in March 2004, this scape has been going since March 2007.
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