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User iam.mike
Size 7.9 gallon
Date Started Feb 2013
Lighting 2 Fluval 13 watt florescent. Just one is in use for the type of plants Photo-period 9hrs
Equipment Fluval Flora 8.9 gal Aqua clear 20 50 watt heater
CO2 Pressurized system 20 lb bottle and regulator set at 35 psi 2 bps Drop checker with 4dh fluid indicator
Substrate Fluval Flora 1 bag 4.4lbs plus about 2 lbs of Fluval shrimp substrate to cap it off. It's finer grade compared to the flora.
Parameters pH 6.4 Gh 6 dh 2
Fertilization EI method Macro and Micro nutrients
Plants Java Fern Anubias nana
Inhabitants Cherries
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